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Current Race - 10 laps Ladies

Pair 0 of 0
Zhang Yuan (CHN) Time: 5:47.25
Rank: 1
Distance: 10 laps Gap: 0.00
Status: Split Time: 29.05
Standings at 10 laps
Split Time
1Zhang Y. 29.055:47.250.00
2Wu W. 28.905:47.440.19
3Li F. 29.935:48.411.16
4Xue J. 34.235:58.0910.84
5A. Quinn 35.326:06.8019.55
6O. Juneau 30.205:48.901.65
7E. Dion 34.165:58.4311.18
8A. Young 30.615:50.092.84
9Ma H. 32.445:51.564.31
10C. Mallard 33.695:56.649.39
11J. Grenier 33.805:58.2010.95
12A. Bourgeois 33.775:58.5011.25
13L. Hall 36.576:05.1617.91
14Lyu J. 35.186:06.7819.53
15B. BraunDNF0.000.000.00
16C. LiewDNF0.000.000.00
17N. LindenskovDNS0.000.000.00
18Z. NedeljakovaDNS0.000.000.00
19R. FreitagDNS0.000.000.00
20M. JohnsonDNS0.000.000.00
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