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Current Race - 1000m Mixed

Pair 0 of 0
Sarah Hopkins (ON) Time: 1:29.58
Rank: 32
Distance: 1000m Gap: +20.70
Status: Split Time: 35.35
Standings at 1000m
Split Time
1V. de HaitreWR0.001:08.880.00
2A. Johnson 27.191:09.991.11
3P. Kristensen 28.201:10.411.53
4J. Telizyn 28.451:10.942.06
5P. Coderre 27.381:10.972.09
6M. Doyon 28.281:11.482.60
7J. Simpson 27.841:12.063.18
7H. Holzer 28.361:12.063.18
9L. Veeman 28.211:12.403.52
10Y. Zhao 28.821:12.423.54
11E. Orlowsky 28.261:12.513.63
12M. Laxton 28.551:12.583.70
13S. Champagne 28.861:13.264.38
14Z. Lacroix 29.311:13.634.75
15E. Hodzic-Santor 28.921:14.135.25
16D. Pauli 29.251:14.475.59
17B. Lowe 29.581:15.346.46
18I. van Elst 30.421:16.667.78
19K. Witkowski 30.781:16.677.79
20K. Waddington 29.811:16.767.88
21J. Farquharson 30.271:16.888.00
22A. Scott 30.501:17.658.77
23B. Mcdougall 31.431:17.919.03
24M. Sablikova 30.671:19.7010.82
25A. Bourgeois 30.991:20.2711.39
26A. Loevaas 31.251:21.0012.12
27Z. Kursova 31.051:22.4813.60
28K. Hagen 31.851:22.7013.82
29C. Mallard 32.811:24.2315.35
30A. Annecca 33.481:25.1616.28
31A. McGill 34.491:27.8218.94
32S. Hopkins 35.351:29.5820.70
33E. Langstrom 34.481:29.6220.74
34E. Prpich 35.901:30.4621.58
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