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Unofficial Results
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1000m Mixed

1Vincent de Haitre5IONWR1:08.88
2Anders Johnson6IAB 1:09.99
3Pal Myhren Kristensen7INOR 1:10.41
4Joshua Telizyn5OBC 1:10.94
5Paul Coderre8IAB 1:10.97
6Marc-Andre Doyon7OSK 1:11.48
7Joel Simpson2OMB 1:12.06
7Hobbes Holzer4IAB 1:12.06
9Luca Veeman3OSK 1:12.40
10Yankun Zhao8OAB 1:12.42
11Eric Orlowsky2IBC 1:12.51
12Matthew Laxton4OON 1:12.58
13Sebastian Champagne9ION 1:13.26
14Zachary Lacroix3IAB 1:13.63
15Emil Hodzic-Santor10OON 1:14.13
16Daniel Pauli9OSK 1:14.47
17Bon Lowe1OSK 1:15.34
18Isabelle van Elst13IBEL 1:16.66
19Kaeden Witkowski10IAB 1:16.67
20Keagan Waddington11OSK 1:16.76
21Jared Farquharson11IAB 1:16.88
22Alexa Scott12IMB 1:17.65
23Brooklyn Mcdougall13OAB 1:17.91
24Martina Sablikova14OCZE 1:19.70
25Anna Bourgeois15IAB 1:20.27
26Aurora Loevaas16INOR 1:21.00
27Zuzana Kursova15OCZE 1:22.48
28Kiersten Hagen16OBC 1:22.70
29Claire Mallard17OON 1:24.23
30Alexa Annecca18ION 1:25.16
31Aaralyn McGill19OON 1:27.82
32Sarah Hopkins21ION 1:29.58
33Emma Langstrom19IAB 1:29.62
34Elise Prpich20OAB 1:30.46
 Ellia Smeding12OGBRDNF 
 Chris Holmstead1IONDNS 
 Ryan Gibson6OONDNS 
 Julie Nistad Samsonen14INORDNS 
 Maya Lueders17IABDNS 
 Darby Beeson18OABDNS 
 Mary Brophy-Magnus20IUSADNS 
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