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Current Race

Split Time 
[Collapse]Split: 1, 300m
 1Odin By FarstadNOR 24.2624.260.00
 2Kota KikuchiJPNWR24.2924.290.03
 3Henrik Fagerli RukkeNOR 24.4924.490.23
 4Kierryn HughesNZL 25.1225.120.86
 5Martine RipsrudNOR 25.5325.531.27
 6Daniel HallAB 26.1726.171.91
 7Ian McpeekMB 26.2226.221.96
 8Sofie Karoline HaugenNOR 27.6727.673.41
 9Darby BeesonAB 28.2028.203.94
 10Sophia DvorakSK 29.9829.985.72
[Collapse]Split: 2, 700m
 1Odin By FarstadNOR 26.1750.430.00
 2Kota KikuchiJPNWR26.2450.530.10
 3Henrik Fagerli RukkeNOR 26.3650.850.42
 4Kierryn HughesNZL 27.2952.411.98
 5Daniel HallAB 28.3654.534.10
 6Martine RipsrudNOR 29.6055.134.70
 7Ian McpeekMB 29.3955.615.18
 8Sofie Karoline HaugenNOR 30.1557.827.39
 9Darby BeesonAB 31.1559.358.92
 10Sophia DvorakSK 34.521:04.5014.07
[Collapse]Split: 3, 1100m
 1Kota KikuchiJPNWR27.701:18.230.00
 2Odin By FarstadNOR 28.081:18.510.28
 3Henrik Fagerli RukkeNOR 27.821:18.670.44
 4Kierryn HughesNZL 28.861:21.273.04
 5Daniel HallAB 29.471:24.005.77
 6Ian McpeekMB 31.321:26.938.70
 7Martine RipsrudNOR 32.211:27.349.11
 8Sofie Karoline HaugenNOR 31.731:29.5511.32
 9Darby BeesonAB 32.941:32.2914.06
 10Sophia DvorakSK 36.551:41.0522.82
[Collapse]Split: 4, 1500m
 1Kota KikuchiJPNWR29.841:48.070.00
 2Odin By FarstadNOR 30.661:49.171.10
 3Henrik Fagerli RukkeNOR 30.961:49.631.56
 4Kierryn HughesNZL 31.251:52.524.45
 5Daniel HallAB 30.961:54.966.89
 6Ian McpeekMB 33.192:00.1212.05
 7Martine RipsrudNOR 34.922:02.2614.19
 8Sofie Karoline HaugenNOR 33.602:03.1515.08
 9Darby BeesonAB 35.462:07.7519.68
 10Sophia DvorakSK 38.962:20.0131.94
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